Self-Hypnosis Products - CDs & MP3s

These recordings take you into a deep, relaxed state of hypnosis and then give you carefully crafted powerful suggestions to create change in the way you think, feel and act. They are an easy and effective way to bring change into any area of your life.

Relaxation and Confidence Self-Hypnosis

Adapted from Professor John Hartland's famous ego-strengthening script - this is simple yet powerful direct suggestion recording. Nearly all my clients are given this to work with for the first week or two - as it helps create a sense of deep, inner confidence and calm, a deeper level of trust in yourself and your capabilities and capacities.

Recommended use: listen to this once a day for two weeks. Ensure you aren't disturbed and don't listen while driving etc.

Note: for the most effective and rapid rebuilding of confidence we recommend that you also listen to the Deep Relaxation and Stress Release recording once a day. Ideally listen to Relaxation and Confidence in the morning, before work, and the Deep Relaxation and Stress Release in the evening. Keep this up for two weeks and record in a diary how you are feeling. Compare your first and last entries... there will be difference!

15 minutes long, MP3 format, available for download now. £6.95


Deep Relaxation and Stress Release

A 20 minute recording you can listen to at home or commuting to work (not if you're driving!) - simple, accessible, non-new age. Takes you into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.

21 minutes long, MP3 format, available for download now. £6.95


Inner strength & social confidence self-hypnosis

Very popular and effective. This recording quickly induces hypnosis and is originally based on one of the most famous and effective hypnosis scripts: Hartland's Ego Strengthening Script. The suggestions have been substantially improved. I've taken this script and, I hope, enhanced it - also adding a second half with suggestions for comfortable and confident while speaking in social situations.

19 minutes long, MP3 format, available for download now. £6.95


Deep Healing self-hypnosis

A wonderful 30 minute deep healing self-hypnosis. Relax into profound peacefulness and calm as you visualise a powerful, beneficial white light healing every muscle, nerve and fibre; healing body, heart and mind.

Excellent for rapid recuperation after illness or after an operation. Also a good component in an overall treatment regime for those with cancer - or a chronic condition like IBS or chronic fatigue syndrome.

31 minutes long, MP3 format, available for download now. £6.95




Are you interested in learning self-hypnosis or taking a hypnotherapy training course?

If you'd like to take a workshop to learn self-hypnosis or train in hypnotherapy then we encourage you to read more our Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy offered by The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy where Mark is Vice-Principal and one of the trainers.

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